This is a last-minute authentic, introduction post.

I have been wanting to start this blog for the past six months but continued letting an excuse get in the way. I realized it was fear; of being rejected, of no one enjoying the words I put onto the page, of being criticized. Don’t we all struggle with this in some way? There is a lot of scrutiny in the world. But doing what you want to do even if there is fear under all the passion – to me that is living.

The reason I am here is simple. I’d like to share bits and pieces of my life. Motherhood – the love and challenges that come along the way. My musings and how they help me strive to be a better person. Nature, because it is always healing. Points of sorrow in my life that have brought me to be a stronger person.

So hi. My name is Margie. I am here in hopes of uplifting your day, brightening your spirit, or making you feel understood and un-alone. Because you are not alone, does that make your problems easier, no. But maybe it provides some comfort in knowing that there is someone else out there who is rooting for you. Someone who has survived what you are going through right now.

When in doubt, remember – you got this!


  1. Hi I thought I’d come by because I met you on my blog. Congrats on your first post! Your post echoes so many of the thoughts I had too. I started my blog about a year ago. Before that, it took me a year to get up the courage! I had actually purchased the cheapest plan to have some skin in the game to motivate me yet I still put it off out of fear. One day I said F it and finally posted. My hope too is that someone can relate to me and maybe feel a little better, even if that’s just one reader. I’m really glad I did this, I’ve made so many WordPress friends. Good luck, don’t forget to never give up! I’m proud that I haven’t given up. Just gotta keep getting back in the saddle.


    • Thank you so much! Your comment brings a smile to my face. It’s refreshing to know that the words put onto a page can be a positive influence someone in someone’s life! This what helps me keep my head in the game, and feel the motivation. Your writing is so raw, it’s inspiring. I am so happy you decided to pop over, and share the warm similarities. ❤

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