Now, take a deep breath.

Each moment you have the opportunity to “arrive” to the present.

From there where do you go? That is entirely up to you.

For now, maybe sit here and enjoy yourself a little

Notice your feet, are they busy or still?

Your breath, is it fast or slow?

Your surroundings, are they noisy or quite, vivid or dull, bright or dark?

Wherever you may be. Welcome yourself back – to this moment.

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Blackout Poetry #1

An idea that came to me in the wee hours of the night. Blackout Poetry has always been an aspiration of mine – to create a piece from another is beautiful. Here is a screenshot from my first blog post, “Hello,” almost all blacked out. I hope you enjoy it.

Mindfulness in Motherhood

Meditation saved me when one tiny human changed my life. As a new mother, I found it difficult balancing my daily life. Mindfulness had flown out the window along with; self-care, sleep, and routine. Parenthood taught me that you’re always going from when your feet hit the floor to when you close your eyes at…

Let’s Dive Deeper

Do you ever find yourself changing career goals in your life, yet always coming back to one or two things that make your heart sing? Or maybe even more..? I consistently find myself returning to working with children and writing. I am 27 years old. I started writing around the age of 16. I bought…