Mindfulness in Motherhood

Meditation saved me when one tiny human changed my life. As a new mother, I found it difficult balancing my daily life. Mindfulness had flown out the window along with; self-care, sleep, and routine. Parenthood taught me that you’re always going from when your feet hit the floor to when you close your eyes at night. Thus I began meditating throughout the day.

One thing I value in life is being able to bring myself back throughout the day. As a parent, there is a lot of juggling involved. I want to enjoy precious moments with my little one while conquering my daily responsibilities. Being mindful helps me in more ways than being present – it also anchors when it is time to slow down and rest.

I usually take 5 minutes in the morning to meditate. There is a meditation pillow next to my baby’s bed. With each nap she takes, I sit down next to her and take another 2-5 minutes to focus on my breath. Even when my baby is calm, I catch a few breaths with her – that way, I instill my practice into her life as well. After I give myself a chance to breathe, my whirlwind of tasks usually turns into a gentle river flow.

On the days where I bypass meditating, I notice the difference in my mood. The little things get to me more than usual. Work piling up can send me over the edge. If my daughter fusses, then my patience wears very thin, and I am more prone to snap. My practice has become essential for my mental well-being and the people I hold closest to my heart.

Choosing to keep up with meditating after becoming a mother is the greatest thing I have done for myself. In the beginning of motherhood, I always said, “I am too busy. There is too much to do. I don’t have the time.” More time appeared once I picked up meditating again.

Exercising mindfulness throughout the day creates more space to focus on caring for a baby, or maybe in your case – tiny humans. 

Rediscovering meditation has helped peace flow with the thought that parenthood isn’t always easy, and that’s okay. It’s our actions that speak true to who we are, not our emotions.


  1. Mindfulness is truly a skill and not just veging out. I’m not good at letting thoughts pass by peacefully but I have found that affirmations help me. I write them in a notebook and I think of them when I’m in the middle of craziness. I think a lot of new moms would benefit greatly from your advice!


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